Group 88


Group 88 – The luxury preference

A quest –  a passion for the fine things in life is a founding element of our Copenhagen based retailing company.

During a span of more than 25 years of operation in the Scandinavian market, Group88 has been associated with luxury and high-end leather products by representing only ’the ultimate’  within internationally recognized accessory brands.

So, since the founding of the family-owned company in the early 80’s and the establishing of its first retail Gucci franchise operation in Denmark, Group88 has prospered and succeeded to bring additional luxury brands to Copenhagen and the capitals of Norway and Sweden by expanding its high end luxury leather accessory business in collaboration with famous labels such as Mulberry, Bottega Veneta and Burberry.

Presently,  with investments in more than 28 retailing units, established in key positions in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, Group 88 is indeed a pillar of the Scandinavian luxury market.

In addition to the core franchise retailing, Group88 operates an important wholesale division representing Mulberry in Denmark/Norway and Burberry in all Scandinavia.

Over the years Group88 has witnessed a steady, solid growth and has responded effectively to opportunities in the luxury market. The family-run business strongly believes in its staff, brands and customer relations, and will continue to build on the existing dynamic and innovative approach to personified professionalism.

Group 88 management image