Wholesale Brands

Group 88’s wholesale operations are extensive and an important part of the business and branding of Group 88 across the Nordic nations.

Operations are:

Burberry (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland)
Mulberry (Denmark, Iceland and Norway)
Proenza Schouler (Denmark, Norway and Sweden)


For further information on Burberry wholesale please contact:
Simone Lone Okholm
T: +45 3336 6890
M: simone@group88.dk

For further information on Mulberry wholesale please contact:
Line Aarestrup
T: +45 3336 6892
M: line.aarestrup@group88.dk

For further information on Proenza Schouler wholesale please contact:
Caroline Møller
T: +45 3336 6892
M: Caroline.moeller@group88.dk